Kanaeokana “seeks to strengthen the lāhui and nurture the next generations of aloha ‘āina leaders by collaboratively developing and growing a Native Hawaiian education system built on a strong ʻōlelo Hawai‘i and ʻike Hawai‘i foundation.” Please also check out their page “10 Questions About Mauna Kea Whose Answers Might Surprise You.” Their playlist embedded below contains 32 videos that delve into the many issues and complexities regarding the resistance to further astronomical facility development on Maunakea.

Ku‘ulei Higashi Kanahele Video Collection

Ku‘ulei Higashi Kanahele is a former colleague and long-time friend who recorded many videos on the ala kūpuna. Many of these include musical performances. Her YouTube playlist includes 58 videos from the earliest confrontations on Maunakea.